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Dr. Jim Goddard


Himalayan Reset:
Navigating Chaos through India, Nepal, and Tibet

Step into an incredible solo journey into the beautiful and remote regions of the Himalayas.
On the cusp of an early mid-life crisis and driven by an inescapable dissatisfaction for life, Dr. Jim Goddard makes a radical decision – to embark on a solo journey through the Himalayas. In the time of the pre-internet 1990s, Jim abandons his old life and begins a trip that will drastically transform his view of life, spirituality, and his own self.

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Author, Traveller, University Professor

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Employing hard-fought insights and a unique sense of humor, Dr. Jim Goddard is an author, traveller, and university professor who aims to entertain and inspire his readers to achieve their ideal level of success in life. His books and videos explore strategies for personal development, communication, business, and breaking through the fears that hold us back in life. 

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